Remote Infrastructure Management

remote infrastructure management


Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) facilitates remote monitoring and managing the infrastructure by taking proactive steps across the IT landscape of an organization.

educes the IT infrastructure operations and management cost up to 60%.


  • Best industry practices are adopted from Infrastructure management solution providers
  • Assured high uptime of the infrastructure
  • Reap the benefit from the collective intelligence of respective technology experts
  • Proactive solutions across IT landscape
  • Rationalize IT staffing
  • Enhance operational efficiency by reducing operational pressures
  • Improve uptime and system availability
  • Optimize IT asset utilization
  • Facilitate service delivery

ABTInfo.Net Internet Data Center offers

  • Expertise in hardware optimization & virtualization
  • Certified Engineers in different platforms
  • Real Time Monitoring
  • Unified Learning
  • High availability
  • Proven process
  • Pro-active advisory services
  • Help streamline IT process, budget and enhance service levels
  • 24x7 support ensures rapid access and quick response