Backup Solutions



In today’s scenario loss of data can be devastating. While there are possibilities for recovery of data after a disaster it is far easier to restore lost data from backup than to attempt to find it from a collapsed infrastructure.

The challenges of maintaining ever increasing data has become very critical and a major concern for organizations.


  • Comprehensive data back-up ensures up-to-date recovery of all critical business data, including the backup of last updated data
  • Off-site automatic back-up solution guarantees successful disaster recovery
  • Eliminates cost incurred to maintain in-house data storage hardware, operational staff and floor space through online back ups
  • Advanced security of sensitive data ensures protection during transmission, storage and backup ensuring complete restoration
  • A foolproof back-up solution delivers higher level of reliability, productivity and cost containment
  • Instantaneous data restoration reduces downtime costs

ABTInfo.Net Internet Data Center offers

  • Multiple options on backup depending on the criticality of data and the required recovery time
  • Zero Errors – Avoid missed storage and invalid inputs through automated data back ups
  • Zero Data Loss – Avoid loss of data caused by media failures
  • Automated Instant Recovery that saves time and effort taken to recover data
  • Centralised data Storage with replication options
  • 24x7 support ensures rapid access and quick response